Europa Universalis® IV Grandest Lan-Party
Second Edition

November 7-11

Join us for the most ambitious EU4 lan-party.

An epic four day multiplayer campaign hosted and played in a real castle!

A 4-Day Grand Campaign

  • Live diplomatic negotiation
  • Set in a historical castle
  • Food and lodging included
  • Hardware and software provided
  • Conquer as a team
  • Transport from and to Berlin
  • Meet Paradox devs
Ticket price: 540EUR

The Castle

This time we chose different castle – bigger one!

You will live, eat, sleep, and conquer from within the stunning historical Moszna castle. Stare down your rivals in the grand hall, discuss strategy in its elegant salons, take the air on the castle grounds or by the fountain, discover the secrets of its crypt, and crow your victory from the top of its tower!

Food & Accommodation

The castle also operates as a comfortable hotel. You will be lodged in a 1 to 5 person room with other players and you will have access to the whole location. It will be only for us!

Enjoy buffet style meals with options for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

Watch the teaser

The game

This will be a 32 nation Grand Campaign, running from 1444-1821. Played on Speed 2 with roughly 12 hours of gaming per day, the campaign will complete after 4 days. The hardware and software will be provided by the organizers for the 96 participants.

The teams

Each nation will be represented by a three-person team, so rest periods and breaks will be easy – but also diplomacy can leave the computer screen! Instead, you and your envoys can meet in the castle’s grand halls and shadowy corners to plot, bribe, scheme, intimidate and make pacts to be honoured (or betrayed) in the game itself.

The history

If you’re curious what happened during the first run of our event, read this awesome report by Brendan Caldwell from Rock Paper Shotgun.

The experience

This is the ultimate EU4 experience with every detail tailored to maintain the theme of the game, and make you feel like a master of nations. Our staff and facilitators will be in costume as liveried servants, ready to carry messages or provide messages, the halls and salons of the castle ready for your meetings and councils.

Meet the Paradox

The Grandest LAN party will also be attended by some special guests: members of the EU IV development team from Paradox Interactive.. They’ll be there to meet players, observe or even join the carnage, and maybe share a secret or two. We’ll also have additional speakers leading talks and classes on history, statesmanship and the art of war.

Additional information will be available on our and Paradox channels soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, send an email to Edin, game designer ([email protected]), or Boruta, project leader and practical man ([email protected]). They will do their best to help you!

The Team

The team behind this event is Dziobak Larp Studios. We're 45 people in seven countries, and have been in business since 2006.

Castle & Food

When not hosting this EU IV LAN party, Moszna Castle serves as a hotel. The event will be catered by the hotel’s professional staff.


Berlin is one of Europe’s busiest travel hubs, meaning it’s easy to find flights there from locations all around the world.