The Grandest EU4 LAN Party Blog

So where did this crazy idea come from?

What makes someone say: ''Let's throw a LAN-Party. But in a castle. And have it catered. And provide liveried servants''

''to make you feel like you're actually commanding armies and an entire nation. ''

To tell you the truth? Screwing around when we were bored, mostly.


Bus, Accommodations, Food

Things You Don't Need To Worry About

One can't be concerned with minor details when conquering nations – like conveyance, food, and lodging. That's why we've made sure to cover all of the above for you, so you can get to the castle with only strategy on your mind!

Our comfortable chartered Berlin bus will whisk you and your belongings across the border into Poland, and directly to Czocha Castle.We will pick participants up on Wednesday, October 4th from Berlin's Tegel Airport at 09.00, and from Schoenefeld Airport at 10.30. On Sunday, we will return participants to both airports (14.30 SXF, 16.00 TXL), in time for flights home or more fun in Berlin!


The Grandest LAN Party

- A 4-Day Grand Campaign
- Live diplomatic negotiation
- Set in a medieval castle
- Food and lodging included
- Hardware and software provided
- Conquer as a team

Ticket price: €799*

*only tickets left